September 7-9, 2018- San Diego

The WCJG is all inclusive! 

WCJG is a three day weekend conference of all the things fun and exciting under the Age Play umbrella.

We’ll have exciting education worships, out of this world social parties, fun and helpful vendors, giveaways, dark age play dungeon, puppy mosh, and the conferences first  Little Miss, Mr. Mx. & Pet contest!    

We welcome all little type folks (18+) Littles, middles, baby girls, lolitas, little sissies and bubbies, age players, folks that regress, folks that don’t, sexual littles, non-sexual littles, Adult babies, Diaper Lovers. Regardless of gender, identity, race, age or ability. We also welcome their caregivers, Daddys, Mommys, Aunties, Babysitters, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, etc. Along with critters, puppies, kitties and their handlers to join us.     


The WCJG is seeking financial sponsorships to defray the costs of production leading up to, during and after the event. The event has different Weekend Event sponsorship opportunities to choose from. 

The people who work together for The West Coast Jungle Gym  Crew has been working within our communities raising awareness and funds for over ten years. We are proud of the support we have been able to provide and pay forward with your contributions.    


Thank you.