2019 Events

Rumble in the Jungle: Dance Party


This is not your ordinary ‘electric slide’ or ‘boogie woogie’  while you are ‘on the dance floor!’ Nope we are doing a rumble on the jungle dance floor.  

So grab a friend or two or your partner and lets do a little ‘do-si-do’ on the dance floor!  Our DJ will be able to take your request to keep your dancing feet moving and having fun until the lights go on, and its ‘closing time’!

Jungle Idol! Karaoke


Come and ‘Be our guest’ at our jungle idol karaoke night , ever dreamed of being an idol or a star even for just two or three minutes, well come and do it Jungle style baby!! 

That’s right come pick up a mic and find your favorite Disney sing a long and have some fun, this activity will be good for littles, middles, caregivers and of course parental units to enjoy with their loved littles and middles!

World of Magic : Talent & Magic Show


A night of talent and magic of talented littles through a world of magic. 

Want to be a part of the show? 

Bring your 3 minute talent for onsite tryouts Friday or sign up today at https://form.jotform.com/91886506876172

Snuggle Movie Fest


Cozy Up with your Pals and wear your favorite footie PJ's  @ our annual Footie PJ Movie night!

Don't forget to bring your favorite stuffies, blankets and snacks to enjoy the movie! 

Diaper Olympics


For our diaper lovers a  minute to win it competition. 

Gather your 2 person team and compete in this first annual event! 

Diaper Palooza4


DiaperPalooza is the WCJG’s Dance Party & Diaper Meet Up for Diaper Lovers, Pups & Critters who like to get down and boogie. 

Get your Gear together and grab your Glow Stix  for DiaperPalooza 4 at This Years West Coast Jungle Gym.


We're Queer, We're here! A Queer & Trans social


A warm welcome to WCJG for all queer and trans ageplayers! 

Nib and Elle will facilitate intros and connect folks for a fun-filled weekend. This is a great time to ask questions to people who came to the conference last year, and to learn who’s who in the queer WCJG world. 

Note: this is a closed space for queer & trans ageplayers (we are inclusive of race, intersex, and questioning folks!). If this does not describe your identity, please respect the closed nature of this space. 

Ice Cream Meet & Mingle


You scream, I scream, we all get Ice cream, You asked for it, now we are giving it to you, come join us for our first Ice cream Social, meet and mingle with everyone while eat Ice Cream! 

 Take some time too cool down and meet new friends, and old friends - we will have an assortment of Ice cream to scream over!!

Little Scouts Jamboree


The 2nd ANNUAL International Little Scouts Jamboree- Hosted by the San Diego Little Scouts Troop 469. 

Meet other troops and Little Scouts from around the world while representing your troop! Don't forget to wear your sashes! 

Find out how your troop could earn rewards at Jamboree 2020

Bigs Social


This social is to allow Bigs to talk with others and even gain advice or give advice on how to be a Big with a little or a Big seeking a little.

Critter Crawl


For our pet and critter friends! A special time to play, socialize and enjoy a safe space for you critter side. 

More Fun!

Morning Cartoons


Do you remember the good ole days when Saturday’s had your favorite cartoons, well guess what, we are doing it Jungle Style, and bringing the cartoons to you this year, so come and catch your favorite cartoons and relax a bit with your stuffies and grab yourself a snack and come see some cartoons with us.

Twisted Yoga


Namaste!  Want to start your day off with a little relaxation?

Come check out our yoga practice. It will be basic stretches, poses, and flow, and depending on interest  possibly a few partner poses before a short guided meditation. 

Please bring your own mat, and blocks if you might need them. We have a couple extra but not enough for a whole group

Diapering Demos


Come see Miss Sadira diaper one of her babies and get pointers and how tos!  

She will be explaining what she is doing at each step of the process and why.  She and babybear will be available for 10 minutes after the demo to give feedback to others diapering their littles!

Not your normal school Detention


Has your little been naughty? Is your middle wanting to show off their sultry side? Does your baby need a spanking? or just need a place to scene?    

Our detention room is not your normal school detention. This is the place  to handle all your sexy, hot, naughtiness that con has to offer. 

Wishing Wall


Are you a little shy about meeting people? Have a wish to be diapered or spanked? Just looking to meet new friends for a bite to eat? 

The wishing wall is the place to write your wishes for others to see help make happen. 

Stuffie Adoption!


Do you have stuffies sitting on a shelf or laying in the corner of your room that are feeling neglected or are crying out for some Love?   

Looking to Re-Home some stuffie friends that you no longer need anymore bring them with you to participate in The 2nd Annual West Coast Jungle Gym Stuffie Adoption. 

Leave them for someone else to love and possibly pick up a new Adorable friend to play with.   

Any Stuffies left over after Sunday’s Adoption will be donated to a local charity.

Buddy Building Bonanza


Hosted by Little Baby Boo Nursery 

Part scavenger hunt, part friend finder, the Buddy Building Bonanza is the easiest way to get big hugs, earn stickers, and win cool prizes! Led by the Mommies of the Little Baby Boo Nursery, this game is FREE to play for all attendees. Whether you’re at the conference for a day or the entire weekend, you’ll have a chance to win all sorts of fabulous, fun prizes! Visit the Little Baby Boo Nursery booth in the Student Store for more information. No little will be left behind!!!!