2020 WCJG Phone Policy

The WCJG has established a new phone policy for the 2020 conference. 

All cell phones, cameras and personal recording devices are strictly prohibited in all areas of the WCJG Convention space, except for individual hotel rooms and designated cell phone areas.  We recommend you leave them in your car or hotel room. 

Event staff  may use cell phones to communicate amongst themselves and registered event vendors may use a cell phone in the vending area for credit card processing only. All approved phone personnel  will be required to have camera stickers on both front and rear facing cameras on phones while in conference space.

No photos or video recordings are allowed to be taken at any time.  

Devices used for photos or video recordings will be confiscated and reviewed by WCJG security.  Any Media pertaining to WCJG will be deleted and the device will be returned.  Event authorized photographers are  available for photos.

If you are witnessed to have your phone out in the conference space, photos taken and or posted on social media. Offenders will be removed and escorted out of the event & not allowed to return for the remainder of the con, with no refund given.  No exceptions, No warnings. 


Photo Policy


The (WCJG) conference would like to introduce and clarify the new photo policy for the 2020 conference.  The conference will continue to provide professional photographers during the con to capture your favorite moments. 

  • Upon purchasing a ticket to the 2020 WCJG conference, you will have to make a choice concerning photographs that are taken while at the convention by approved photographers.  Your decision made during the ticket purchasing process is FINAL, and can not be changed at a later time.

  • You understand and agree that while in the 2020 WCJG conference space to wear the appropriate identification which signals to photographers it is okay or not okay to take your photo.

  • You understand that should you decide to allow photos to be taken of you that such photos will be published publicly on the WCJG website and will not be sent to you privately.

The categories and their meanings are described below.

Red: DO NOT take my picture under any circumstances for any reason. I will wear a red lanyard at all times to help the WCJG photographers determine that I do not wish to be photographed at any time. I agree to not participate in any group photographs at WCJG. Including any possible WCJG participant group photo, or other such photos. I understand that there is a possibility that my photography maybe unintentionally taken by a WCJG photographer in situation where my wristband is not visible. I understand that all photographs that include and individual wearing a red wristband are deleted or the individual's image is edited out.

Green: I am OKAY with photos. You are giving the WCJG conference,  absolute and irrevocable right and permission to copyright, use, reuse, broadcast and/or publish any and all photographic pictures of me which shall be taken during the West Coast Jungle Gym Conference 2020. This shall include portraits or reproductions thereof made through any media. Further such rights shall include the right to use such through any media, for any purpose whatsoever including but not limited to promotional and advertising uses, and other trade purposes. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographic pictures, or the method of their eventual use which may be used in conjunction therewith. I also consent and grant the right for the use of any printed matter in conjunction with the foregoing.

I understand that photos will be published publicly on the WCJG website and will not be sent to me private