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The WCJG Crew



Bunney is our conference producer and labels herself as a lil leather Dom, she’s actually a sassy 4yr old lil leather Princess with a sadistic side.  

Having practiced kink in private for over ten years, the San Diego Kink community tempted bunney to step out with the promise of cookies and twizzlers in 2013.     

 Active in the San Diego Leather & BDSM communities, she has found the busier she was the happier she was.  She is a former Club X Board Director, Organizer of Slash Riders, Co-creator of the San Diego Bumblebees Colony and Founder of Leather Tracks:Trails & Trials.   

The proud producer of The West Coast Jungle Gym: An Age Play Conference and owner of Doc Puffs. 

bunney can be reached via email at 

Or on Fetlife at lilbunneyfoofoo


Captain Kirk is our Co-Producer and Security Guru. 

Captain Kirk otherwise known as Kirk, Captain or Poppa identifies as a Leather Daddy/Bear.   

Captain a former marine, a founding member of the 4th light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion and a Veteran of the 1st Gulf War, found the Kink and Leather communities in 2015.   

In his spare time he volunteers as a patrol member of San Diego’s Stonewall Citizens patrol and Dungeon Monitor with Club X San Diego. 

Captain is the Big for the San Diego Bumblebees Colony and along with bunney runs Leather Tracks: Trails & Trials.   

Captain Kirk can be reached via email at 


 EllaDawn is our education coordinator extraordinar!

 She is our most outgoing and caring middle. Ella says “even before I knew the term “little”. I knew a large part of me was more childlike than most folks my age. Learning the term helped me find a community, but I still felt a bit different than the other Littles I knew. After about 15 years of calling myself a little, I discovered the relatively new term “Middle” and it was a lightbulb moment - that's what I am- A MIDDLE!”


Ella and her Daddy have been together for over a decade, and more recently stepped up within their local Bigs and littles community in an effort to give back to the community that has given them so much over the years.


They are Co-leaders of the San Diego Little Scouts troop leadership and find the chance to educate and have fun within other littles incredibly fulfilling.   

Ella Dawn can be reached via email at 

or on Fetlife at EllaDawn 


Donnie our promotions coordinator. He has been an active member in the San Diego Little's Community for more than 10 years. He is an ABDL and has been very outspoken about who he is.    

He and his a partner Anthony helped to create the First DiaperActive Events in Los Angeles @ The Bullet Bar and are the hosts of the new DiaperPalooza parties sponsored by WCJG. 

Donnie is well known within the So Cal Bear Community having won the title of Mr. So Cal Bear in 2014 ~ Since then he has been very active in fundraising for the Bears San Diego Group, Imperial Court de San Diego, and Other groups affiliated with the Leather and BDSM Community.   

 In 2016 Donnie won the inaugural Title of Royal Bear de San Diego and he recently got pinned into Mama's Family as Mama's Community @ Heart Bear.   

 Donnie can be found working on fun events for the Little's like the upcoming "DiaperPalooza" Parties with the San Diego Bumblebees.   

Donnie can be reached via email at 

Or found on Fetlife at SanDiegoDPRboy  

Volunteer Coordinator

Miss Unique, her Daddy calls me Little One, is our Volunteer Coordinator.

Miss Unique, has been in the lifestyle for 13 years. Meeting people within the lifestyle through the California Renaissance Faire Circuit, where she was a re-enactor in a combat guild and have been learning and growing ever since. 

She is a trained submissive woman. Moved from SoCal in 2013 to Phoenix, AZ been active in the local community since then. She runs a social group  every Thursday night (except Thanksgiving) which is now 2 years old. 

She age plays as a little, who is now 8 years old (Daddy has me “grow up” every 2 years, when I hit 9 years old I age regress back to 6 and repeat). She is a non sexual little, who loves to color, play with glitter glue (only glitter I is allowed to use), spend time with her stuffies, she has over 10. 

Miss Unique can be reached via email at

Or found on Fetlife at LilMissUnique

ASL Coordinator

Tabs holds a certificate in Sign Language Interpretation and has been professionally interpreting since 2012. 

She is currently pre-certified with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. 

She started her career in the post-secondary educational setting and quickly adapted to a wide range of demands including work in medical, community, performing arts, comedic performances, LGBTQ and leather communities as well as video relay service.  

In addition to interpreting, Tabs has been coordinating events and fundraisers.  She currently holds the director position for the ASL Interpreting guild at the Southern California Renaissance Faire.

Tabs can be reached via email at 

Advertising Coordinator

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