Contestant Requirements


 Contestant Requirements 

  • Contestants must be 18 years of age or older at time of application.
  • Contestants must identify as age players whose age play personae are under the age of 13.
  • NAL is open to all age players regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religious or spiritual beliefs, and political affiliation.
  • Contestants should be aware that, by running for this title, they might become public figures, which may impact their personal lives and careers. Contestants are, of course, welcome to run under a scene name or other pseudonym to help minimize or avoid this impact.
  • Contestants may or may not hold other local, regional, or international leather titles.
  • Contestants are not required to have sponsors, but are welcome to raise funds and have sponsors if that will assist them in being better able to compete and carry out their titleholder duties.
  • By entering, contestants agree to be interviewed by media after they are announced as contestants, for a minimum of two years after the contest. 
  • Contestants understand there is an $85 contestant fee. Cost includes a VIP Weekend event ticket, BBQ ticket, and contest fee. This is a $45 discount off the $130 fee. 
  • Upon registering, contestants are required to attend two Skype meetings (Dates will be provided in the contestant packet) and at the Meet and Greet, Thursday September 6th, 2018. If the contestant registers after the Skype meetings are held, their presences are still required at the Meet and Greet. No contestants who have NOT been present at the Meet and Greet will be allowed to enter.
  • Fraternization (private meetings,  contact, etc.) between judges and contestants during the contest weekend may result in disqualification of the judge, contestant, or both.
  • In the event of a tie, judges will meet in a private panel to select the next titleholder.

Titleholder minimum requirements, to be met within the title year: 

  • Host at least one party and/or teach one class Age Play related 
  • Throw at least one fundraiser for WCLMMMP
  • Attend at least five leather, age play, or sex positive events (for example, local Pride Parade events, Teddy Con, Sin in the City, Cap Con, WILL, in regalia.)
  • Write one article dealing with the age play community to be posted to the official contest blog and/or other age play, SM, or leather publications.
  • Take over, personalize, and maintain official Tumblr account.  
  • Promoting the title and conference throughout title year.  
  • Attendance at 2019 WCLMMMP contest.    

The titleholders must sign an agreement concerning the rules and requirements of their title year. Failure to meet these minimum requirements may result in being stripped of the title
The first runner up agrees to assume the title and responsibilities of the titleholder in the event that the titleholder is injured, incapacitated, deceased, or stripped of the title.


  The exact schedule will be emailed to contestants upon registering. Certain events, like the Meet and Greet, are mandatory while others, like the PJ, Diaper or Pool Party are not. Mandatory events will be marked in the schedule. Contestants who do not make it to mandatory events may be docked points or disqualified.   Contestant numbers will be drawn during the Meet and Greet. Judges and attendees can be anywhere in the hosting convention hotel and will be actively observing contestant behavior in all situations, including toward other contestants.   In the event of a tie, the judges will meet privately to determine the next titleholder.   Judging is set up to find titleholders who will best be able to fulfill their titleholder responsibilities, namely:  

  • Taking over the official Tumbler account and live tweet all appearances and events; check in at least once a month.
  • Attending five leather, age play, or sex positive events, such as the local Pride Parade events, Teddy Con, Sin in the City, WILL, International Olympus Leather, in regalia.
  • Hosting an age play event or teach an age play class.
  • Writing one article dealing with the age play community to be posted to the official contest blog and/or other age play, SM, or leather publications.


  • No heels higher than two inches may be worn.
  • No tiaras or crowns may be worn on the head.
  • Appearance and actions should be kept to a PG-13 level.
  • Five points will be detracted from the overall score should a contestant be late for his or her name call at any time.
  • Contestants may have a single onstage assistant for the Talent Competition only, though a stagehand will be available to assist as well throughout the onstage competition.

Introduction/Modeling (20 points)

The Introduction/ Modeling segment of the contest  will allow contestants to show off their personal sense of style with both outfit and movement. Contestant number must be prominently displayed on the contestant’s outfit for this competition. Contestants must make a full tour of the stage, according to the diagram below 

Interview (40 points)

The Interview segment of the contest will be conducted in your BIG mode. You should present yourself in street wear neat and presentable.  A few tittle accessories may be used to express yourself, but overall your appearance should appear adult and appropriate for dinner in the vanilla world.    The judging panel will interview each contestant individually for 10 to 20 minutes. Each judge will have a copy of the contestant’s application at the time to better navigate the interview process.  The questions asked may pertain to a range of topics, including but not limited to:  

  • Community service 
  • Personal history and experience
  • Community history
  • Current events
  • Skills. 

Talent (20 points)

 The Talent segment of the contest allows the contestants to show off not only their specific talents or accomplishments, but that they can produce a simple stage act.  

Question (20 points)

The Question segment of the contest allows the contestants to show that they are comfortable and articulate in an interview situation. It helps to display the contestant’s knowledge of the community they are hoping to represent. Questions will be asked in a playful mood and as such the contestant should answer in their Littleself.