The WCJG is proud to offer a dungeon for all X-play! (X-rated Age Play) 

The dungeon can seem like a dark and forbidden place….which is the exact reason why so many people want to explore it! 

Dungeons can have rules that maybe you didn’t think of, or have things going on that maybe you never thought you would see! Attending this class will help you know the rules, know what to expect, and decide if it’s the right place for you!

This class is MANDATORY for all people (Bigs, Littles, Middles, Regressors, Pups, Handlers and everyone else attending WCJG) for entrance to the dungeon space. 

Rules for the Dungeon

A Dungeon Monitor’s word is FINAL!  If clarification is needed on any rules ask a DM. 

  • All scenes must be negotiated and consensual.
  • If you believe something is unsafe, please notify the DM’s Do not interrupt scenes. You may be curious about what is happening and want to know more, please ask at a later time.
  • No loud or otherwise distracting noises and talking especially close to the scenes.
  • Be aware of your surroundings & space. Be mindful of the backswing on floggers & other toys. Whips, floggers, single tails etc. no longer than 3 ft. in length allowed. If you do not follow these you will be asked to leave.


  • Please DO NOT use hotel furniture as play equipment.
  • Electrical play is allowed but must have a GFCI.
  • No touching other people or things without permission. People bring interesting things but always make sure you ask to touch. Consent is key!

Be clean!

  • There must be a barrier between skin and equipment at all times. 
  • Clean up the area thoroughly after each use. No equipment hopping before cleaning the area you used first.
  • Please do not monopolize equipment. Others may also want to use it so please be mindful


  • Nudity is allowed inside the Dungeon only, as per San Diego Code §56.53  you must be clothed upon leaving the dungeon.

The following play is NOT allowed

1.  Breathe (asphyxiation)  

2.  Fire (of any kind)             

3.  Wax or liquid latex        

4.  Scat or water sports 

5. No neck rope (rope around neck)  

 6. No Knife Play 

 7. No firearms or replicas     

8. Vomit

9. No Blood play 

Our house safe words are:

  • Red means play stops immediately.
  • Yellow means pause and check in.
  • Green means everything is good.

For non hearing players and gagged individuals, a non-verbal safe word must be established. Please inform the DM of the cue.