Commonly Asked Questions

What ages are allowed at this convention?

  We are strictly 18 and over. If your legal ID says any birth date after September 7th, 2000, please do not purchase a ticket, because we will be unable to let you in, and your ticket will not be refunded. While we’d prefer that attendees are 18 when they purchase their tickets, only those who are not 18 on the day the convention starts will be turned away. If you have already purchased a ticket prior to reading this FAQ and will be underage at the time of the convention, you can contact us for a refund up until 30 days prior to the convention’s start.  

Why do you need to know our names? Do we need an ID for check in?

 For legality and liability purposes, we require your legal name. You will need to show identification (State or Federally Issued) that matches the name provided, prior to entry, or reentry, into the convention.   

How much does it cost to attend WCJG and what does our ticket include?

West Coast Jungle Gym tickets are on a tired system. 

Conference tickets include:

  • Goodie Bag 
  • Access to all workshops, vendor, parties and events happening at the convention

We do not offer day tickets. 

Transportation, lodging, and food, other than breakfast, is not included in the convention ticket cost. (See next question)  

Do we have to pay for hotel and means of getting to the convention?

Transportation, lodging, and food, is not included in the convention ticket cost. 

Hotel rooms at the host hotel $125 per night. 

If you drive, parking is:

  • On a first come first serve day parking for free. 
  • $12 for over night parking. 

Room-sharing, carpooling, and purchasing airline or train tickets well in advance, can all keep costs down. 

We will have a thread in the Fetlife group where you can find potential travel-mates and/or roommates, as well as talk to others going.  

Where can we find the convention rules?

Convention rules can be found 

Is there a vetting process for the convention, and if so what is involved?

No, there is no official vetting process; however, we reserve the right to refuse purchasing of tickets, or refuse entry, to any and all parties at our sole discretion. 

Where is the convention, also what is the closest airport?

We will give hotel information in your email once you register and are approved. 

We keep our location private, and limited to attendees only, in order to keep our convention as safe as possible. 

The nearest airport is San Diego International Airport (SAN).  

Can you get to the convention via train/Amtrak?

Amtrak runs to San Diego; however, you will still require a taxi or Uber/Lyft once you are off the train, so make sure to plan accordingly.  

What time does the convention start on Friday and close on Sunday?

9am on Friday morning and end official at 3pm Sunday. 

With pre con and after con non official events happening. 

Can I arrive on Thursday?

Yes, you can come in and reserve a hotel room for whenever you’d like; San Diego is a beautiful city with a lot to do and see. 

However, West Coast Jungle Gym doesn't start officially until Friday, so you will not be able to pick up your convention packet util it opens Friday. 

Exceptions to this are VIP ticket holders who have a special socail Thursday evening.  

Will there be places to change?

  The convention will have changing areas once you get into the space. We ask that all Ageplay related wear be limited to the convention area only.  

Can I wear my clothes/just diapers in the lobby?

No, vanilla-wear is the ONLY acceptable attire in public areas of the hotel. 

We are very serious about this. There will be other guests at the hotel and it is very important that they are not exposed to our kinks and lifestyle without their consent. 

This will help keep our convention not only safe, but make sure that the venue will allow us to continue holding the event. If we ask you to change, please do so. 

Failure to follow this rule may result in you being asked to leave the event.  

Okay, so what is allowed INSIDE of the Convention Space?

We allow regular clothes, as well as Onesies, dresses, baby clothes, or just shirts and diapers, or just diapers. Your front and backside must be fully covered at all times. 

As posted on Fetlife, and in our rules, no showing of breasts, genitalia, or full nudity will be permitted. 

Rules and attire at the Party and in the Dark Ageplay Dungeon may be different, and will be announced in the future.  

Is the hotel aware of what we are doing/the convention?

The hotel is absolutely aware of what we are, and what our convention is. That being said, there are other guests staying at the hotel, and we ask that you remain appropriately dressed in the lobby, and other public spaces. 

The hotel will only allow us to use their venue if it is not damaging to their business - please respect them and their other guests. (See above question/answer)  

Can I stay at another hotel and not the host hotel?

You are not obligated to reside at our hotel, and may go wherever you wish to stay. 

However we DO *appreciate* people staying, as it makes the hotel impressed with our ability to fill rooms. This will directly affect the hotel’s willingness to host our convention in future. It is also far more convenient to stay at the hotel, since often transportation will drive up costs, and if an activity runs late, you won't have to leave to go elsewhere. 

If you are hoping to save money on accommodations, your best bet is always room-sharing! 

Again, see our Fetlife group for all your room sharing needs.  

What is the picture policy, and how will it work?

    We are hammering out details, and it will be announced at a future date. 

Are there a mixture of men and woman?

 Yes, we are open to all genders - you will find hims, hers, them, and baby furs, among others! 

WCJG is all inclusive. We welcome all little type folks (18+) Littles, middles, baby girls, lolitas, little sissies and bubbies, age players, folks that regress, folks that don’t, sexual littles, non-sexual littles, Adult babies, Diaper Lovers. Regardless of gender, identity, race, age or ability. We also welcome their caregivers, Daddys, Mommys, Aunties, Babysitters, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, etc. Along with critters, puppies, kitties and their handlers to join us.     

Will spanking, and other scenes, be allowed in the convention space?

We have a room for ‘Dark Ageplay’ at certain points of the convention. 

It is meant to keep attendees not interested in those activities safe from encountering them. 

You must attend a Dungeon etiquette class to be allowed access to the DAPD. 

We will have a dungeon monitor in the room keeping an eye on things. 

Are full fursuits allowed in the general convention area?

  No and we have a few reasons for our restriction of full fursuits. However, there are still plenty of ways to express your identity! 

In the convention space, we welcome ears, tails, paws and claws, and certain masks like puppy masks.   

While we love our baby furries, and they are welcomed and very much celebrated within our convention and community, we found that there are many other outlets for full fursuits to be utilized, and very few where ageplayers/diaper lovers could be ageplayers/diaper lovers. 

We simply ask that within the space, it is limited to the items listed above.

We thank you for choosing the West Coast Jungle Gym

We can't wait to see you all for a fun, exciting, and safe convention!   


 Please join our Fetlife group, and regularly check our website for updates, people looking for roommates, and more!   

   **Our FAQs are subject to change, and may include additional questions as they are encountered.**