Digital Media Policy

Photography, Video, Audio and Others

2019 UPDATE! 


Although The West Coast Jungle Gym (WCJG) allows personal phones in the conference space so that attendees can use the conference's schedule app. all attendees must abide by the following photography, (For purposes of this selection, the term “photograph” means file of digital photography.) videography, audio or any other form of digital media content recording of any kind is strictly forbidden to ensure the privacy and safety of all attendees. 

  • Attendees agree to not take any photos, record video/audio or media (analog/digital) content of any kind. 
  • Attendees agree to allow WCJG crew to apply required security seals over any devices which I will have in convention space. 
  • Attendees understand that cases must be removed on devices for application of the seal to cameras and must remain on while in conference space. 
  • Attendees understand that WCJG crew and security has the right to ask to review devices for security seals and or review the media in my devise and take action is necessary. 
  • Attendees understand that If I post digital media content, I will be subject to review by the WJG Crew with possible expulsion and banning from convention if it is found that rules were broke and/or violated. 
  • Attendees understand that upon registering you will have to make a choice concerning photographs that are taken while at the convention by approved photographers. 
  • Attendees agree to wear the appropriate identification which signals to photographers it is okay or not okay to take my pictures. 
  • Attendees understand that in order to receive photos of themselves from the convention they must be wearing the appropriate identification. 
  • Attendees understand that my decision to have or not have photos taken of me is final and I will not be able to change my choice at a later time.