2019 Raffle Prizes and Sponsors



Enter the raffle to win one of 4 t-shirts donated by I'll never grow up! 

I'll Never Grow Up" was inspired by the amazing men and women I met at my very first abdl/ageplay convention. The message on each item carries the joy and pride being expressed when our littlest self comes out to play: no matter my chronological age, I'll Never Grow Up (and you can't make me!).

Visit them at https://babiedboi.spreadshirt.com

$25 Gift Cards


Enter the raffle to win one of three $25 gift cards for wearing clouds! 

Wearing Clouds is your one stop shop for all the best ABDL diapers! For over four years, we have specialized in letting you create your very own sample pack. Why commit to one diaper when you can build a custom pack filled with all your favorites? Choose from over 3 dozen diapers! 

Check them out at https://wearingclouds.com/

$75 Gift Cards


Enter the Raffle to win one of  $75 Gift cards to Onesies Down Under! 

Onesies Downunder Australia Online Ageplay Apparel Shop. Onesies, Overalls & Much More.

Check them out at https://onesiesdownunder.com/



Enter the Raffle to win one of 5 Certificates for a FREE $25 Value Shirt from Naughty Boyz! 

2020 WCJG Con Ticket


Enter the raffle to win a free ticket to the 2020 WCJG Conference- Grade School Year! 

2020 - Cap Con Ticket


Enter the Raffle to win a FREE ticket to Cap Con 2020! 

CapCon The ORIGINAL Age Play conference  is held in the Chicago. The con suburbs that specializes in Ageplay, AB's and DL's.

This group is to discuss the event and update the attendees, as well as having people socialize prior to and after the event.

Check them out at www.chicagoageplayers.com

Littlespace Mystery Box


Enter the raffle to win Littlespace Mystery Box (Teddy Bear Themed)

Littlespace In A Box specializes in themed mystery boxes with a new theme each month. We provide quality ageplay/abdl goods in each box, and guarantee the value of each box is more than the retail price.

1 hour nursery time


Enter the raffle to win REE 1-Hour Session with the Mommies of the Little Baby Boo Nursery ($150 value or $150 off any package)!

Nestled in the desert of Los Angeles County, Little Baby Boo Nursery provides adult babysitting for adult babies, diaper lovers & littles in a cozy, relaxed home setting. The Nursery also hosts littles’ play parties and offers ABDL play dates virtually, via telephone or video chat.

For more information visit LittleBabyBooNursery.com today!

Basket of goodies & $25 GC


Enter the raffle to win a basket of goodies and $25 gift certificate. 

Fairy Godmother Blessings - FG Blessings - is here to help bring the glitter, fun & extra into your life!

From custom blinged items, pasties, body blings, costume creation & general everyday items that need a bit of magic -

I can work with what you have and upgrade it.

My goal is to help create as much celebration, joy & "extra" as possible in the world.

Bright Blessings Upon You!

For more information visit 


Baskets of Goodies ($100 retail values)


Enter the raffle to win one of two baskets of goodies! 

(Each at a $100 retail value) 

Kricket's Klubhouse offers an on-site stuffing experience for the kink community. We do everything from the heart ceremony to birth certificates. We also have already stuffed animals that are available for adoption (certificate included). We want to bring the child-like wonder of stuffing your own friend to the kink community.

Pool floaties


Enter the raffle to win a set of arm pool floaties! 

Crinklz diapers are engineered in Germany and made in the European Union. There are many printed diapers on the market today. When we were asked to produce one, we wanted to create a diaper that could go into the baby diaper aisle, thus making all kids at heart, and their caregivers, happier.