1. Respect of Headspace, I have seen many little's who are in headspace playing at their age level, when someone comes by sits down beside them and just starts rambling about Adult topics. This takes them right out of headspace. Don't be one of those who do this, wait till they are out of their headspace before talking about adult topics. Or if you are a little yourself, who needs to come out of head space and talk about adult topics, please move away from other little’s who may still be in headspace, before continuing your adult conversation..  


2. Respect Play, As Little’s we sometimes like to get on the floor and build with blocks or do a puzzle. The Respect issue here comes when another little decides to play with that little without asking first. Always try to ask first because I know I get upset if I'm in the middle of building a castle or something and someone just walks up and starts adding pieces to it. So please ask “Do you mind if I join in?" "Can I play, too?" 

3. Respect the Play space. This one should be a no brainer but unfortunately it's not. Contrary to popular belief it is not the job of the event organizers or anyone else for that matter to clean up after you. I have personally picked up so many cups, soda cans, wrappers, and other trash that little’s have left behind. They just leave messes lying around thinking someone else will clean it up. I have also seen piles of diapers and trash in hotel rooms Not Bagged just all over. It's not the job of Hotel staff to clean up after you either. It's so easy to just pick up your trash and throw it out or if in a hotel room bag your trash and diapers. 

4 .Respect Property. Organizers of events spend lots of time and money trying to find, purchase and build things to make their events more enjoyable. So you may think it’s fun to sit there and break crayons in half or slam toys around till they break or do a number of other destructive things. Well it's Not!! If you want to break and beat on your own toys or equipment that's fine. Please keep in mind if you break an item or toy it will not be there to play with next time, and you have ruined the chance for someone else to enjoy it, too. Please respect and carefully handle other little's property. What you feel is not important, maybe extremely important to another little. 

5.Respect Roles. People within our community have different roles and we need to respect those roles. If a Little has a Mommy or Daddy that does not automatically make them your Mommy or Daddy. Little’s tend to look and treat Bigs as a commodity so we need to always keep in mind Bigs deserve the same respect as anyone else. There are also some Bigs who tend to treat all Little’s as their own which can also be a problem. Before interacting in different roles with someone other than your partner please use some basic negotiation skills. 

Please remember to respect and care for other little's, middle’s and Big’s feelings.