Conference Rules

At The West Coast Jungle Gym (WCJG) we expect all attendees to conduct themselves in a respectable manner. Attendees are required to abide by the following rules to keep everyone safe. 

Please note any violation of the code of conduct will result in ejection from WCJG and from the hotel premises, any money paid to either will be forfeit.

 No refunds will be given to any persons removed from the convention or hotel under these circumstances.  

Rules of Conduct.

  1. All attendees must be 18 years of age prior to purchasing a registration to the event. Attendees are required to provide a valid government issued photo ID at packet pick up to verify age.  

 2. Convention name badges and wrist bands must be worn and visible at all times. Wristbands must be worn on the wrist. Attendees without proper wristbands will be removed from the event 

  3. All activity must be consensual within the convention area. No touching of anyone’s person or personal property without their express permission will be tolerated. All such behavior must be reported to event staff immediately.  

  4. Attendees shall be respectful of others at all times – no exceptions. Demeaning or humiliating remarks to people of different orientations, races, ages or interests will not be tolerated. Disrespect of others or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. WCJG will not permit any form of destructive or harmful behavior to any property or person. Offenders may be subject to removal and may be responsible for damages.  

  5. All cell phones, cameras and personal recording devices are strictly prohibited at all areas of the WCJG conference, except for individual hotel rooms, the lobby, restaurant and bar, and designated cell phone areas. We recommend you leave them in your car or hotel room. (Registered event vendors may use a cell phone in the vending area for credit card processing only.)  

  6. No photos or video recordings are allowed to be taken at any time. Devices used for photos or video recordings will be confiscated and reviewed by WCJG security. Any Media pertaining to WCJG will be deleted and the device will be returned. Offenders will be required to leave the event with no refund. No exceptions. Event authorized photographers will be available for photos.  

  7.  Although the WCJG conference is does offer a Dark Age Play Dungeon, besides for individual hotel rooms, the DAPD is the ONLY place sexual/ BDSM/ or kink activity will be allowed. Solicitation is prohibited; violators will be removed from the event without refund. Accepting pay for services of any kind is not allowed at WCJG. There are no “pro-services” or “pay for play” allowed anywhere on the hotel property including in individual hotel rooms. Anyone found providing or partaking in such services will be removed from WCJG and banned from all future events.  

  8. There is NO nudity allowed in the Hotel or Convention area. Clothing is required at all times.  

  9. Attendees must arrive and remain in street clothing when entering and exiting the hotel and in all hotel common areas including front desk area, lobby, restaurant/bar. There will be a security check point past the lobby which begins the convention space.  

  10. Smoking is permitted ONLY in  designated areas you will need to change into street clothing if this areas is out side of the con space. 

  11. There are to be NO diapers of any kind worn in the pool. Stated pool rules and hours are to be adhered to by all attendees.  

  12. WCJG Changing rooms are available for personal use. Changing rooms are for the changing of clothing and diapers only. All use of changing rooms is at your own risk.  

  13. There are NO Messy/Soiled diapers allowed at WCJG.  

  14. WCJG is not responsible for your lost, damaged or stolen property. Please keep your personal items safe. A bag check area will be provided for those not staying at the host hotel.  

  15. NO weapons of any kind are allowed at WCJG.  

  16. WCJG is a drug and alcohol free event. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the convention space is strictly forbidden. Possession or use of illegal drugs, of any kind, is not permitted at any time in any part of the hotel or on its premises. Anyone who is noticeably intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs will not be allowed into WCJG and will be required to leave. Alcohol must remain in individual hotel rooms.  

  17. Hotel Quiet Hours are from 2am – 7am. All gatherings and parties in individual rooms are to come to a close by 2am. There is to be no loitering or loud activity in the hallways during the Hotel Quiet Hours.   * This is subject to change with hotel confirmation*

  18. Furrys are welcome at WCJG, however only ears and tails are allowed; no full fur suits or head pieces.  

    19. All information regarding location, events, scenes, participants, or conversations participated in or overheard, while attending this PRIVATE event, is to be held in strict confidence.  Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

  20. Attendees may not bring a non-registered person into the area in which the convention is held. Breaking this rule will result in your removal from the convention with no refunds.  

  21. Attendees are not to discuss or disclose any details of WCJG in the hotel common areas (including front desk area, lobby, restrooms, and restaurant/bar, etc.). Failure to comply will result in ejection from the event without a refund.  

  22. All decisions of WCJG Convention crew are final. WCJG Tickets are non transferrable and non refundable. No refunds or compensation will be offered or given in the event that your attendance at the Convention is terminated, by either yourself or at the request of WCJG.  

  23. I acknowledge that bags and personal belongings may be searched at anytime by WCJG Organizers or Security.  

  24. WCJG reserves the right to refuse anyone for any reason at anytime.  

  I swear that I am not attending this event for the purposes of collecting information about any of the participants or the organizers; for the purpose of any investigation, or for the purpose of publication. I further understand and affirm that I will NOT disclose, in ANY format, in any manner, at any time; any information which includes or references ANY details from my attendance at this PRIVATE event.  

  I agree and affirm that as a Private Event, I may be ejected at any time at WCJG’s discretion, without compensation. I agree that I will not disclose the hotel location or name of the hotel to anyone. I agree that I may be ejected from the convention for any violation or breaking of these rules without any compensation or refunds. I understand I will face consequences up to and including legal action, should I ever violate the letter or spirit of this agreement.  

Rules are subject to change.

  If you would like to be able to attend events like these again, it is important to respect all those at the venue, so they will want to have us back again..
How we treat the Con Space, the Hotel, the Hotel staff and the organizers is truly important and has a big impact on future events.  

The WCJG Crew thanks you for you cooperation and help in keeping this a safe enjoyable event.


  1. Respect of Headspace, I have seen many little's who are in headspace playing at their age level, when someone comes by sits down beside them and just starts rambling about Adult topics. This takes them right out of headspace. Don't be one of those who do this, wait till they are out of their headspace before talking about adult topics. Or if you are a little yourself, who needs to come out of head space and talk about adult topics, please move away from other little’s who may still be in headspace, before continuing your adult conversation..  

  2. Respect Play, As Little’s we sometimes like to get on the floor and build with blocks or do a puzzle. The Respect issue here comes when another little decides to play with that little without asking first. Always try to ask first because I know I get upset if I'm in the middle of building a castle or something and someone just walks up and starts adding pieces to it. So please ask “Do you mind if I join in?" "Can I play, too?"  

  3. Respect the Play space. This one should be a no brainer but unfortunately it's not. Contrary to popular belief it is not the job of the event organizers or anyone else for that matter to clean up after you. I have personally picked up so many cups, soda cans, wrappers, and other trash that little’s have left behind. They just leave messes lying around thinking someone else will clean it up. I have also seen piles of diapers and trash in hotel rooms Not Bagged just all over. It's not the job of Hotel staff to clean up after you either. It's so easy to just pick up your trash and throw it out or if in a hotel room bag your trash and diapers.  

  4 .Respect Property. Organizers of events spend lots of time and money trying to find, purchase and build things to make their events more enjoyable. So you may think it’s fun to sit there and break crayons in half or slam toys around till they break or do a number of other destructive things. Well it's Not!! If you want to break and beat on your own toys or equipment that's fine. Please keep in mind if you break an item or toy it will not be there to play with next time, and you have ruined the chance for someone else to enjoy it, too. Please respect and carefully handle other little's property. What you feel is not important, maybe extremely important to another little.  

  5.Respect Roles. People within our community have different roles and we need to respect those roles. If a Little has a Mommy or Daddy that does not automatically make them your Mommy or Daddy. Little’s tend to look and treat Bigs as a commodity so we need to always keep in mind Bigs deserve the same respect as anyone else. There are also some Bigs who tend to treat all Little’s as their own which can also be a problem. Before interacting in different roles with someone other than your partner please use some basic negotiation skills.  

  Please remember to respect and care for other little's, middle’s and Big’s feelings.