2019 Kindergarten Year Tickets


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Last Chance Ticket $150


Ticket Refund and Transfer Policy


We do not allow refunds. Because money is paid out to various people, vendors and supplies in order to run the event, all while working within a very tight budget,  it becomes increasingly difficult to make ends meet when the same money can come and go freely. And there is a budget necessary to run an event.

Allowing refunds would give people the ability to order a ticket and easily drop it later, thusly making it impossible to budget the convention. Refunding one person probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. But imagine having to refund 20 people or 30 people or more. Therefore, we do not allow refunds.

Transferring Tickets: 

When someone purchases a ticket on our website, they are agreeing to our rules - including our age verification statement. 

These this becomes a contract between WCJG and the ticket holder.Transferring or reselling of tickets would be a huge security risk due to WCJG not knowing who these tickets are being transferred to. 

It would also open up the ability for people to make claims that they purchased a ticket from someone when no such purchase happened.There is no physical way to change the ticket holder’s information within the ticket system once a ticket has been purchased. A lot of adult events of this nature don’t allow things like refunds or ticket transfers, for the reasons listed above as well as other reasons.

We are sorry that refunds and transferring of tickets cannot be allowed. But we have an obligation to our attendees to create and maintain a safe and secure event. We will always put the safety of our attendees above everything else.

2019 Hotel Information


Room Rates: 

  • $125 + tax 

Room rates are subject to availability  Parking:

  • $12 over night parking
  • Free day parking. Spaces are on a first come first serve basis. 

Guarantee your group rate by reserving your hotel room by 8/15/19


Hotel booking information is provided via confirmation email once your ticket has been purchased.  

Confirmation emails are usually send out within 72 hours. Should you not receive your confirmation please drop us a line at wcjginfo@gmail.com