Volunteer for WCJG 2019!


Volunteer Reg. will begin soon!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 WCJG Conference! 

We are excited to have you join us, and appreciate your help in making the conference run smoothly (and with a lot of fun) each year!

We’re looking for volunteers for the following areas: 

  • Registration/Bag Check
    • Helping check folks in for the  event is a GREAT way to get to know everyone as they come in. It helps  our registration team keep the line flowing and is an easy way to be  involved.     
  • Hall Monitors 
    • The Hall Monitors help to protect various areas of the conference as well as making  sure the attendees are adhering to the rules of the hotel and  conference. Checking wristbands as folks come and go at the doors. 
  • Hospitality
    • Hospitality Suite Concierges assist with greeting guests, vendor snack/drinks stocking, weeekend raffle,  helping host groups with Socials, general tidying of the Hospitality  Suite and general tidying of the Jungel Gym/Play room and Hospitality  Suite.
  • Event Set Up
    • The set-up crew works on  Thursday preparing for the conference. Some tasks include hanging  signage, moving tables, setting up curtains, arranging displays and  carrying in supplies. Some heavy lifting and/or ladder climbing is  necessary.
  • Event Break Down
    • The break-down  crew assists with ensuring the host hotel is returned to the state WCJG  received it. This includes but it not limited to packing/carrying  supplies, removing signage, and carrying equipment to the to the Supply  truck on Sunday afternoon and evening.
  • Dungeon Monitors (Must have prior experience)
    • Dungeon  Monitors are patient and courteous people familiar with general SM  etiquette and safety issues who are willing to enforce these rules in a  polite and respectful manner. Dungeon Monitors watch the play space with  an eye toward assistance and, in the unlikely event you need to step in  and interrupt a scene, intervention. They may also function as  ambassadors; explaining what equipment is available and answering  attendee's many questions including where to find the bathroom, first  aid stations, and cleaning supplies. Dungeon monitors will also staff  the door and assist with crowd control. Dungeon Monitors are chosen at  the discretion of the Dungeon Coordinator.
  •  Dungeon Setup/Break down
    • Dungeon  set-up volunteers help with unloading of equipment on Thursday evening  and assist with preparing the play spaces on before and after the play  parties are over on Friday and Saturday nights. Work together to move  equipment, clean-up, and clear the rooms for the next day of workshops  and other fun. These dedicated volunteers must be able to carry out some  heavy lifting.
  • Truck Load/Un-loaders
    • Must  be able to lift 30 to 50lbs. Meet the truck for load in at 11am on  Thursday at off site storage location and unload at the hotel. Be  available for reloading of the truck Sunday afternoon at hotel and  offsite storage location.
  • Medical Team (Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, and EMTS)
  • Whatever is needed

Discounts for volunteering:

Discount does not apply to the Special Return Attendee  and does not include the teeny tiny processing fee.

Volunteer ticket costs will rise with the increase in prices for tickets.

· 4-7  hours       25% off

· 8-11 hours       50% off

· 12-16 hours      75% off

You’ll also get swag. What is the swag, you ask? We don’t know yet! But it’ll be amazing.

Here’s how this works:

· You go to here to sign up to volunteer: (Link coming soon!)

· You pick what department/s you would like to work in and when you are available to volunteer. 

· You enter your personal information so we may contact you. 

· Once your application has been accepted, we will send you an email with your personalized discount code and further instructions on how to finish registering for the event.

· You follow the instructions in that email and get yourself a conference ticket. 

· Closer to the event we send you all the info you need to know, like job descriptions, contact info for your team leads, a map of the hotel. 

Perks of volunteering:

· Free Swag!  

· Meet people while also having a ‘home base’ 

· Help the event/community! As a volunteer you’re helping to make the event accessible, welcoming, and meaningful for everyone. That’s big, and we really appreciate your help!

· Other things to help you with your shifts: You’ll get your schedule, a map of the hotel, instructions on where to go and what to do, and more sent to you via email before the event. 

· Online and onsite volunteer orientation sessions will be held too, more on that later.

Now for the serious parts: 

· Anyone who has not purchased their conference ticket by July 1st, 2019 will be dropped from the volunteer list and have to pay full price for entry. Don't worry; we'll remind you to register many many times in the last month before the event.

· Your commitment to volunteer is valuable and important. WCJG is dependent on volunteers for its success and we will do everything we can to help you be successful as a volunteer. When a volunteer doesn’t show up to an assigned shift, it makes things a lot more difficult for a lot of folks. Failing to report to your assigned shifts will either need to make up the shift or will be charged the rate difference at the highest price.

· All rules of conduct apply to all volunteers- basically, don't be a jerk and have fun!

Thanks so much and we look forward to working with you!

Contact us at wcjgvolunteer@gmail.com if you have any questions!


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