2019 Workshops

First Con Jitters with Halfie

Is this your first con. I remember my first con and it was overwhelming as I didn't know what to do or were to. Well I am here to help. I'll go over some the do's and don't for con going and the effects of a con like this after the con is over.

Emotional First Aid: Headspace, Triggers & Aftercare.

Biology is the driving force that creates post scene headspace but aftercare is unique to each player. We’ll explore kink through mindfulness and neurobiology, define 3 types of headspace, define elements to negotiate for aftercare, and discusses trauma informed play. Whether a Top or bottom; doing pick up play, a tasting or a scene; playing inside a dedicated relationship or with a new friend; this class offers skills and strategies to pre-plan for post play.

Cannot Handle the Cuteness: Interacting With Critters as/Around Littles

Critters (puppies, kitties, foxes, ponies, etc.) can be tough to understand and tougher to manage. When Critters and Littles interact, things can go smoothly—with more adorable cuteness than you can handle—or devolve into chaos—with, well, more chaotic cuteness than you can handle. In this session, Pup Aechus sheds (no, not like that!) light on the subject with tips for interacting with Critters and introducing them to Littles, ensuring safety and sanity for everyone.

I'm A Big Kid Now: Negotiating a Middle's Needs

This will be a workshop and discussion on negotiating the relationship dynamic you need. Middles often need different rules, interactions and discipline than other age groups. Learn how to negotiate for what you need & share what has worked for you.

On the Edge: Dark Ageplay

In this intense class, Miss Sadira will lead us through the darker areas of ageplay. We will journey through discussion of things like impact play with littles, molestation, abuse, humiliation, medical, and incest role play. We will talk about reasons people might want to play with these edgy ideas, safety around them, responsibilities of tops and bottoms in this kind of play, and possible psychological effects. Because of the intensity and potentially triggering nature of this topic, we will be locking the doors and no late-comers will be allowed in.

“I am my own Big!”: Self-Parenting for Littles

It can be scary being a little in the world without a Daddy, Mommy, or Big. But did you know that you can be your own Big? You can be the primary parent for your own inner little! Come learn about how to nurture your little and make them feel loved and secure in their connection with you, their 24/7 custodial parent, whether or not they also have a Big who doesn't share their body. Come explore the joys and possibilities of self-parenting your own little(s)!

All About Asexuality

What does it mean for a human to be 'asexual?' Are all asexuals virgins? Do they find sex repulsive? Do they date or marry? Can they have fetishes? How prevalent is asexuality? Is it a disorder or disease? What struggles do asexuals face? Learn the answers to these and more as we explore what asexuality is, what it isn't, and where it fits within the age play, AB/DL, and kink communities.

Crinkle Power: Diapering 101

Miss Sadira and babybear will take you on a walk-through on everything diapers! We’ll talk about psychological aspects from why someone would wear a diaper to how different people choose to use them for different purposes. We’ll also go through practical knowledge from choosing the right diaper, to choosing and using powder, wipes, and lotions, to fitting and wearing. Come to get new ideas or for pointers on how to diaper, or to give your caregivers some tricks to make them more comfortable!

Littles living in an M/s world

In a world where we believe we can do anything, we take on the little as the slave submissive in a power exchange world. Littles are an identity that is regression or age role play and can fit into many boxes. We will discuss common myths of littles as brats as well as the positive that a little brings to the dynamic. Bring an open mind and questions at the ready!

The great BIG table of Caregivers.

A safe space for Big's of all ages to discuss the unique joys and challenges of age play. Please get a sitter for your little as this is a Big's only discussion.

You're A Filthy Little Aren't You? Dark Age Play 101

Being a little, middle, or Big has many paths just like any other part of our identity. Sometimes your little self might want to be ravaged, used, fucked, and bruised. Your Big self might want to give stickers to your little one after they've taken the biggest butt plug for you. Maybe your middle side likes to punish your Big for being bossy. In this class we're going to go over taboo, acceptance, negotiation, safety, and how to incorporate dark age play into your scenes/dynamics.

A Handsy Approach

This fun hands on interactive workshop is for all regardless of if or how much you sign. Come learn basic communication signs to greet those Deaf and HoH you may interact with or see. Learn lifestyle signs so you can kick up your kink and play with someone whose primary language is ASL. Lastly, learn the ABC’s and 123’s to fill in anything in between. Looking forward to getting handsy with you!

Consent in Headspace: What’s Okay When We Can’t Say?

We all know how crucial consent is when engaging in any kind of scene, play, or human contact. Mutual agreement after clear negotiations helps ensure things stay safe, sane, and consensual. But how do the typical safeguards work when dealing with folks in headspace? How can we negotiate and secure informed consent when a person isn’t presenting as a person? What can Critters and Littles consent to, and where must we draw the line?

Bowling with Bumpers: Rules and Protocols to Help Your Littles Grow!

As a Big, it's important to set our Littles up for success, not for failure. In this class we won’t focus on punishment or on owning a ‘brat.’ Instead, we'll explore how a Big/little relationship can include authority transfer to strengthen the relationship. We will talk about clear communication, expectation setting, and ultimately providing safety for your Little to grow. If your ageplay dynamic also includes authority transfer, this is the class for you!

Getting Big Results from Your Little

Discuss topics of interest to Big’s that have littles or want their own little. How to set up structure and responsibility through age play? How to set up rewards and punishments? Which are more motivating? Discuss how we use age play to learn how to adult in the world. Let’s see where the conversation takes us?!

Self-Care: You Come First

Self-Care is not selfish, but rather an act of love towards yourself. In this class we will be discussing ways to recognize when, where, and how you need self-care. Working on yourself not only nourishes you, but it can feed every aspect of your life. This discussion-based class is for all whether you are a top, bottom, switch, or somewhere in-between.

Switching Dynamics in Age Play

Do you find yourself intrigued with the idea of playing different ABDL roles? Doing the diapering and being diapered, role playing the Big and middle, middle and little, caretaker and…..? Want to know if you'd be into being all the things? If you'd be into switching? Let’s talk all things “Switching in Age Play”

The Green Eyed Giant: Jealousy and Resentment

When my Daddy brought a new partner into our marriage, I thought I was ok with it. I’ve had poly relationships before and I always saw jealousy as a wasted emotion. But that was before a cute little puppy started calling MY Daddy, Sir. Let’s talk about jealousy, resentment and poly. They all work together! I’m still figuring it out as I go, and every day I put my resentment in check… some days are better than others. So let’s start talking about it to help us all overcome the Green Eyed Giant!

Dark Age Play Dungeon Etiquette

The dungeon can seem like a dark and forbidden place…. which is the exact reason why so many people want to explore it!

 Dungeons can have rules that maybe you didn’t think of. Or have things going on that maybe you never thought you would see! Attending this class will help you know the rules, know what to expect, and decide if it’s the right place for you!

This class is MANDATORY for all people (Bigs, Littles, Middles, Regressors, Pups, Handlers and everyone else attending WCJG) for entrance to the dungeon space. You may request to be vetted prior to the event by contacting Uncle Leda and Aunt Jae at FLJAEMARIE@GMAIL.COM. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

Please join us for an explanation of the posted rules, general dungeon etiquette, an introduction to the people running the Dark Age Play Dungeon and a quick Q and A!

Please attend this class in an adult mindset.